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Jay's B-Log

Do you care about the quality of the logs you burn in your wood-burning stove? I do.

My name is Jeremy (aka Jay) Suffern and I am passionate about wood. Because of this, my business Homra Logs supplies only the very best quality logs, kindling, briquettes and pellets for home burning.

My wood is not just good wood - I believe it's simply the best wood in the UK and Ireland. I am so proud of my wood that I am happy to make these three Homra super promises to you:

Promise 1: Super Dry Wood

I promise to supply slow-burning, clean and high heat efficient logs

Promise 2: Super Service

I promise to give you the best service possible, every time

Promise 3: Super Sustainability

I promise to do everything I can to minimise the environmental impact of burning wood

We are ready for winter. Are you? Order Now!
Jay's B-Log

Homra's Promise 1: Super Dry Wood

I dry my wood more than other suppliers do, for a low moisture content to give you an efficient and economic slow burn so each log lasts longer. My premium products are kiln dried to achieve <15% moisture content; the rest is air dried, for as long as is required to achieve <22% moisture content – to give you an idea, this can take 2–3 years for air-dried logs.

My super dry wood burns cleaner, with loads of benefits:

  • it is easy to light
  • its thermal energy is not wasted in turning the moisture into steam, but instead generates heat for your room
  • the highest energy value possible for a wood fuel = less fuel required
  • hotter flue gas gives off less smoke so produces fewer emissions
  • there is less waste, so minimal ash to clear up
  • far less tar and creosote means your flue will need less frequent cleaning and your wood burner's glass door stays clear
  • your stove and flue liner will last longer
  • and, most importantly, you will see a delightful dancing flame.

My logs are cut from dense hardwoods (my premium logs are 100% beech), which burn slowly and far more efficiently and cleanly than poorly dried firewood, be it air or kiln dried! It's not just that damp wood burns badly, but using the heat energy within a log to unnecessarily drive out the moisture is an appalling waste. Trying to burn wet wood is like trying to get warm in wet clothes! If you want the maximum heat at the minimum cost to your woodshed, burn Homra logs.

Promise 1 Super Dry Wood

Homra's Promise 2: Super Service

Nobody does logs better. I work hard to give my customers the very best logs and the very best service possible.

  • I trommel the logs to remove bark, sawdust and debris to give you logs that are clean to handle, good to look at and ready to use.
  • I grade the logs so each bag contains a perfect mix of sizes, both smaller for establishing your fire and larger for refuelling, and they are easy to stack (they are consistent every time!).
  • I pack 1 m3 of logs into each specially designed bag, and don't include bark or chips, so you really do receive a full load for your money.
  • My bags are specially designed to be tied at the top and they are showerproof.
  • I personally deliver every local order and you will receive friendly, reliable service, with logs delivered promptly and tidily. Deliveries further afield are undertaken by my trusted pallet haulier.
  • My passion for detail and hands-on approach ensures a high level of personalised customer care.
Promise 2 Super Service

Homra's Promise 3: Super Sustainability

Sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it's a plan for the future. Wood should not be harvested faster than the trees are growing each year. It is important to me that you are buying a sustainable, low CO2 product.

All my trees come from an FSC or PEFC source, which means that a replanting programme is in place. My logs come from trees thinned as part of a forest's overall life cycle. I also know the provenance of each tree, so traceability from forest to your fire is guaranteed.

Promise 3 Super Sustainability

Buy the best from Homra Logs

For the complete range of wood for your home: Premium kiln-dried super dry beech logs; Best air-dried hardwood logs; Premium kindling (<6% moisture for fast igniting); Premium oak briquettes; Premium wood pellets for stoves and burners (ENplus-A1); plus bespoke log stores and wood burners via my associates.

Try me. You won't just be buying logs, you'll be buying Homra Logs. And you'll never want to go anywhere else.

To place an order or ask me a question, call me on 07803 923191 (please leave a message if I don’t answer – I’m often busy with the wood!) or email.

For collections, I am open every Saturday between 8 am and 1 pm during the heating season (September–March). Please call me on 07803 923191 or email to arrange a midweek collection..

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