Premium Brites Wood Pellets

Brites wood pellets are produced to the highest standards of ENplus-A1, to ensure your pellet stove or boiler will operate at its maximum energy efficiency. They are a lovely pale yellow colour, which is a good sign that the raw material has been debarked – this is very important as bark contains a high percentage of ash. Low moisture content, low ash content, low percentage of fines (dust) and accurate length of pellet all play a part in the trouble-free running of a wood pellet system.

Species: Softwood (no bark)
MC: <10%
Size: 6 mm Ø
Energy value: 4.8 kWh/kg
Ash: 0.7%
Price: £2.50 – 10 kg bag (for collection only)
  £250.00 – 1000 kg pallet

MC = moisture content (%)
kWh = kilowatts of energy per hour
Ø = diameter

ENplus A1 wood pellets Hillsborough

To place an order or ask me a question, call me on 07803 923191 (please leave a message if I don’t answer – I’m often busy with the wood!) or email.

For collections, I am open every Saturday between 8 am and 1 pm during the heating season (September–March). Please call me on 07803 923191 or email to arrange a midweek collection.

ENplus A1 wood pellets Northern Ireland Brites wood pellets Northern Ireland Brites wood pellets Hillsborough
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